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May 27th, 2017

Arielle and Curtis

Our May 2017 wedding was a wonderful day and Lilymont was the perfect venue!  Heather and her family were professional, friendly, helpful, and a joy to work with.  We had access to the venue Friday through Sunday and never felt rushed or like we were an inconvenience.  Heather also gave us permission to visit the site for various reasons in the weeks leading up to the wedding. 

The venue is stunning.  All the trees, bushes and garden were inviting and green.  The field was mowed and there were spots of beautiful colors in every direction.  The arbor, pond area, and bon fire area made for various picture backgrounds.  It’s a wonderful location for an outdoors wedding!

The cabins for the bride and groom were quite accommodating.  The bride’s cabin also has a full bathroom and mini-fridge.  Both cabins have lovely seating and provide a place for a quiet moment or a small exciting gathering!

Our May 2017 wedding was everything we could have hoped!  Our family felt welcomed throughout the weekend and our guests had a wonderful time at the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, and the reception.  If you are looking for a private, picturesque and special place to have your wedding, make sure you check out Lilymont!  


Beautiful venue and such nice people to work with!

Theodora and


Lilymont Farm was the perfect place for our wedding, and we’re still delighted they let us host it there. Having an outdoor wedding at Lilymont meant we didn’t have to worry about spilling drinks or dropping crumbs on fine carpets, and we were able to be much freer with decorations and activities (a barbecue, dancing and a band) and have fun with our friends and family. It was great to be able to brainstorm all kinds of things to do, yet the setting lent itself to plenty of elegance as well.

Fans of British historical dramas on PBS can vouch that white chairs and tables with tablecloths can look really great on a grassy meadow! Friends and family felt relaxed and comfortable, while their kids felt free to run around and burn off energy. We still hear from folks telling us how fun it was. But best of all, we had fun. That, probably more than anything else, set the course for a marriage that has remained deeply satisfying ever since. Now, almost fifteen years later, we’re still madly in love with each other—and we owe a lot of our success to the great start we got at Lilymont Farm! 

September wedding with beach balls floating everywhere

View of Cane Creek at Lilymont Farm  photo by Brianne Manning 9/2017

View of Cane Creek at Lilymont Farm

photo by Brianne Manning 9/2017

Brianne and Josh Rees Wedding 5/16/2018

Brianne and Josh Rees Wedding 5/16/2018

Brianne said... 
We first toured Lilymont Farm this past June with either an October or a May wedding in mind. Heather was so incredibly welcoming and walked with us throughout the entire property so we could imagine the whole scene. We decided on a May 2018 wedding, so our tour gave us a great glimpse of what the gardens might look like next year. There's ample space for a ceremony, reception tent, games, and more. There are also hundreds of opportunities for beautiful photos. Every email we send is answered within hours, but Heather's also gone above and beyond to provide vendor information and wedding planning tips. Our dream was a quaint, outdoor wedding, and I can't think of a more magical place to celebrate with family and friends. Josh and I are so excited.

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Wedding: 05/26/2018

Reviewed On: 09/25/2017

Brianne Rees reviewed Lilymont Weddings and Events — 5 star

Brianne Manning and Josh

Rees, Wedding

May 26,2018

July 2 at 1:34 PM · 

Lilymont Farm was the most magical place to marry my best friend. We first met Heather in the spring of 2017, about a year before our wedding. From the start, it was clear that she was going to be a wonderful person to work with. She took the reins on communicating with our vendors, allowing us to tour the grounds several times, and lending her own items to be used for the ceremony or reception. Our guests had nothing but great things to say about the gardens, the cabins, and the whole day overall. We especially loved the freedom that Heather gave us to make the property our own. She checked in with us to make sure everything was going smoothly but gave us the space we needed to relax and enjoy. We had access to the venue from Friday to Sunday to host a rehearsal and decorate in advance. After all was said and done, we gained new friends and were even inspired to buy our first home just 10 minutes away. You won't be able to find a more affordable slice of paradise like this anywhere in the RDU area. If you're not afraid to get a little creative or want to spend the most romantic day of your life surrounded by nature, Lilymont Farm is the venue for you. Thank you for helping us turn our vision into a reality.

JUNE Wedding 2018


June 16th, 2018

Kat and Zack

I could not imagine more beautiful grounds for our wedding! Heather was a dream to work with-- friendly, responsive, easy-going and full of wonderful suggestions. The mimosa tree was in full bloom in June and its branches provided complete shade for my guests during the hot day's ceremony. Her kids were a HUGE help cleaning up and parking cars. Flexible, affordable, and a wonderful venue for your special day. It was wonderful to have the freedom to use whichever vendors we wanted and to set things up. That freedom allowed me to individually pick a DREAM TEAM of vendors who all contributed to a perfect day, on my budget, with 5 star reviews across the board. I'd recommend Lilymont to anybody.

 Kat,  6/16/18,

This is a a hidden gem of a wedding facility. It is beautiful, relatively straightforward to get to and the owners are accommodating and friendly. We had an outstanding wedding celebration there and I wish I had more kids so we could have more of them!         

Greg Tarsa, father of the bride.  Wedding, June 16, 2018

Jason and Karmetria

September 29th, 2018, 5 star

There is no other place in the world that my husband and I could imagine us having such a special and magical wedding to unite our family. Lilymont is definitely a place that when you go there the spirit of right is just a part of it. All around amazing😍😍😍!

We thank y'all so much for deciding to have a venue at your beautiful estate so we could make amazing memories there. God is good, may y'all be abundantly blessed😘

Joelle and Foley

May 25, 2019


Lilymont was the perfect wedding venue- I couldn't imagine a more beautiful place to have married my best friend. Heather was extremely personable and was so very helpful with the entire process. As a young bride and groom with no wedding planner, Heather was able to offer her advice and suggestions for everything from day-of-times to amazing vendors. The property is well maintained and cared for and was the perfect venue for our dream wedding.
Lilymont was also a venue that gave us access to the venue for an entire weekend for a percentage of the cost of other venues we had looked at. If you're looking for a beautiful wedding venue with an amazing owner and low costs, Lilymont is worth inquiring about.

Thank you for everything, Heather! We couldn't have done it without you!